And now 5G network is here…!

You just might be wondering what 5G has to offer when 3G and 4G are yet to circulate especially in Nigeria, don’t worry, we are both wondering together.

What is 5G really?

Before I dabble more on 5G network, I believe we have learned one or two things about it’s (5G) predecessors, I mean 1G,2G,3G and 4G but if not, no need to worry, here’s all you need to know about 1G,2G,3G and 4G network

So 5G network is the latest iteration of cellular technology, engineered to greatly increase the speed and responsiveness of wireless networks. The rate at which data are being transmitted on 5G networks on average is as high as 1gbps yippe..! Isn’t that awesome, I believe now is the best time to throw away that GLO sim for good. The speed, capacity and latency aren’t the only great things about 5G network, but there are lots and lots of things to be used with 5G network. Some of them are listed below:

IoT(Internet of Things): Internet of things will be made easy. The fact that you can talk to your car from your bedroom or talk to your TV in your office from your car is something everybody should look up to. In a nutshell, 5G will enable you connect with all your devices and sign them together. Have you ever imagine you are in your office and you got notified that your refrigerator is being opened in your kitchen? Awesome right? Yeah!

What IoT looks like.

Self-Driving cars: The era has come when you are approaching a particular street or road and you got notified that there is traffic 50meters ahead of you or there is a road block along your path, then you get to tell your car to change route to any available route which is faster and better than joining an ongoing 3hrs Lagos traffic…lol. Also your car gets to communicate with other cars and it can be as funny as your car telling the next car to it that ‘you know am your senior’

The question now is when will 5G launch in Nigeria?

Well, according to Vanguard on June 4th 2019, it was stated by NCC (Nigeria Communication Network) that Nigeria is ready for 5G networks, so we are hoping very soon we start having devices that are 5G-ready in Nigeria. Although, other countries like UK and US launched 5G network early this year and it was stated that by 2020, 5G network will be operating all over the world. The future of technology is here already.

My own personal question is this: Instead of possibly trying to get a new device that supports 5G, why can’t it be possible to just upgrade the available ones to work with the new 5G network?

What do you think?

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