The function of HELP in a real life situation is the same as the techie use of HELP. Take for example, you are going to a new address and you need to locate the house you want to visit, you ask people around for help so as to get direction in order to avoid being lost or possibly robbed or even getting kidnapped if entered a wrong neighborhood or house.

I could remember a time like that I traveled with my boss, we needed to locate a particular place even though the place seemed familiar to my boss, but then, we couldn’t locate the place until we asked a few people for help. In fact we passed the same place twice before we got back on track that day.

Have you ever wondered what the word ‘HELP’ is doing on a website, software or sometimes called an application? Ok, don’t worry, sit back and relax, I will tell you the major functions of ‘HELP’ even though some software or sites use ‘support’ instead.

‘HELP’, as it is generally used and known, is just like the customer care agents in a bank or some cooperate firms, those people are there to attend to your heart-troubling questions, give directions on a new product or even to direct you to the best place where your ‘issues’ can be resolved. So also is the function of ‘HELP on those websites, software or applications on your laptop, phones or other gadgets.

If you want to learn about the new software you just installed, you don’t have to stress yourself, all you need to do is look for the ‘help’ menu or icon and you are good to go. You can also explore the site software to know more about its functionalities by clicking the ‘help’ button.

I could remember when I wanted to learn more about Microsoft Excel’s data analysis function, all I did was click on the blue icon with a question mark at the extreme right hand side of the application, Boom! My question was answered and I was directed on how to get the menu added to my menus. Then I was able to use the application for that purpose.

However, some websites use online chatting as their ‘help’ or support function. If you are on a particular site and you need to perform certain transactions and you probably don’t know how to go about it. Just click on their ‘help’ or support function or their contact number and speak to their agents, which will save you from a lot of worries and wasting of time perambulating on the site. is a typical example of such a site that allows you to chat with their agents to help you with any difficulties on the site.


‘Help’ function comes in different ways or forms; some can be part of the menus on the application while some can be a button that you just click and it pops up the window, there are some that can be an icon like on Microsoft Office applications, and there are some that are written as ‘support’. Some can put theirs as part of some options on the application like on google chrome browser; you will only see it when you click on an icon that looks like three dots (…) in a portrait format. Even Facebook has a ‘quick help’ in case you need to get clarified on anything.

This article is basically to let you know that there are ways to know more about a website or software. The ‘help’ menu or button is there to basically help you achieve your purpose and to help you get your work done easily and much faster. You can try it today. Just go to that famous Ms. Word and click on the blue icon at the extreme right hand side of the application, yeah! It has a question mark on it. Click on it and ask any question. Did I just put a smile on your face? Everything doesn’t have to be Google-related or internet-based. There are easier and faster ways of doing things.

I hope I have been able to add to your knowledge, now go out there and enlighten others too as no one is an island of knowledge.

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